League of Innovative Schools

The Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools is a unique national coalition of 57 school districts in 27 states that serve more than 3.2 million students.
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A Model for Innovation in Rural Education

Piedmont City School District

Piedmont, AL

"It's an important lesson to have something not work and use that experience to learn how to do it better next time." Linda Clark, Superintendent

West Ada School District

Meridian, ID

The New Librarian: Leaders in the Digital Age

Vancouver Public Schools

Vancouver, WA

Increased graduation rate from 73 percent to 93 percent since launching its digital transformation initiative in 2008.

Mooresville Graded School District

Mooresville, NC

Technology as the Teacher’s Classroom Toolbox

District of Columbia Public Schools

Washington, DC

"There is still a digital divide between those who have access to computers and the Internet and those who do not. We plan to close the digital divide in our schools." Dallas Dance, Superintendent

Baltimore County Public Schools

Towson, MD

Investing in Students’ Digital Future from Day One

Utica Community Schools

Sterling Heights, MI

"We are about being inclusive. Public schools don't belong to the board, the principals, the superintendent, or the district employees. They belong to the community." Edward Lee Vargas, Superintendent

Kent School District

Kent, WA

For courses like foreign language and Advanced Placement not available at their home school, students participate live in virtual courses taught on other miltary bases around the world.

Department of Defense Education Activity; Kaiserslautern District

Kaiserslautern, Germany

Bridging the Workplace and the Classroom

Blue Valley School District

Overland Park, KS

Launched the nation’s first laboratory school focused on advanced manufacturing.

Charlottesville City Schools

Charlottesville, VA

Transforming a District Through Technology

Sunnyside Unified School District

Tucson, AZ

In 4th-grade students learn about electrical circuitry as part of a computer science curriculum.

South Fayette Township School District

McDonald, PA

Viewing the Classroom as a Lab

Mentor Public Schools

Mentor, OH

"School leaders need to collaborate with business, industry, colleges, universities, and each other to identify what innovative practices are occurring." Bart Rocco, Superintendent

Elizabeth Forward School District

Elizabeth, PA

League of Innovative Schools

Across the country, forward-thinking education leaders are improving outcomes for students and solving the challenges facing K-12 schools through learning technology and education research. The Digital Promise League of Innovative Schools is a national coalition of school district superintendents that fosters collaboration between education leaders and entrepreneurs, researchers, and thought partners.

League members represent more than 3.2 million students in 57 districts and 27 states. Their experiences reflect the diversity and shared challenges of public education in America.

The League is a place where innovation and excellence can flourish. At League meetings, superintendents discuss their challenges, share successful strategies, and solve problems together. By participating in research, they gain valuable insights that help solve problems and spark new ideas. In working groups, they plan projects that take ideas to action. Digital Promise documents and shares outcomes so others can learn about and adopt promising strategies.

A vibrant ecosystem of educators, entrepreneurs, researchers, and thought partners working together on shared priorities, the League leads to better decision-making and greater innovation in learning and leadership practices. The League also aims to accelerate the pace of change in public education nationwide.

Superintendents who wish to join the League can apply in the summer. New members are selected for their vision, track record, and commitment to creating and implementing new ways of reaching and engaging learners.