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Improving Ed-Tech Purchasing from Digital Promise on Vimeo.


The promise of learning technology becomes reality when students and teachers can readily access the tools that meet their goals – a promise hindered by a highly fragmented and inefficient K-12 education market.

There are more than 14,000 school district “consumers” in the U.S. Decision-makers and users lack reliable information. Developers lack access to current research on learning theory that should inform product design and development. Current procurement processes were designed to handle print-based resources, not learning technology tools and services.

Through our Marketplace initiative, Digital Promise is working to foster a dynamic, efficient K-12 market where informed consumers and innovative developers collaborate to create tools that improve the opportunity for all students to learn. We identify problems, conduct research, and create solutions that result in smart demand, smart supply, and simplified procurement processes.

In spring 2015, Digital Promise conducted a crowdsource campaign to collect examples of how education technology developers use research. Read a summary of the key themes shared by nearly 50 companies: